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Boulter's Comprehensive Solutions Give CNC Machine Dealers the Competitive Edge

As a machine dealer, you know that meeting customer demands and avoiding project delays is crucial to your success in a crowded market. But managing the entire process from selling your machines to identifying who will transport them to site and place them in location can be overwhelming. That's where Boulter comes in. We understand the unique challenges that machine dealers face, and we offer a wide range of solutions to simplify your process and give you the competitive advantage.

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Streamline Your Process with our Bundled Services

When you partner with Boulter, we'll take care of all the logistics, including transporting and installing the equipment for your customers, so you can focus on what you do best: selling and servicing machines. 

Meet Customer Demands

Streamline your processes and meet customer demands. With our bundled services, we take care of everything from transportation to installation, allowing you to concentrate on other parts of your business so that you can be confident that your customers will be satisfied.

Avoid Project Delays

Project delays can be expensive and frustrating for both the machine dealer and customer. Let Boulter be the logistics partner you need to streamline your process and reduce any potential setbacks. 

Stay Competitive 

Stay ahead of your competition even in today's fast-paced business landscape. By working with our experts, you can meet customer demands, exceed customer service expectations, and achieve your sales goals.

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Outsmart Your Competition with Boulter's Industrial Support Services

We understand that a streamlined process that minimizes project delays and meets your sales goals can be challenging, especially when you’re already trying to manage every aspect of the sales and installation process.  That’s why we offer industrial support services to simplify your process, minimize project delays, and help you stay ahead of the competition. So whether you need support with removing, transporting and installing your machines, Boulter is the partner you can rely on for efficient and effective solutions.

  • Simplify your process

  • Meet sales goals

  • Stay ahead of the competition

  • Minimize project delays

Consolidate your Logistics Needs

With our expertise in equipment installations and heavy hauling and secure storage solutions, you can trust that your machinery is in good hands.  When you work with Boulter, you can confidently focus on growing your business, knowing that we have your back.

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Your 4-Step Plan to Simplified Logistics Management

With Boulter's four-step logistics management process, we handle everything from scoping out your needs to completing your project on time and on budget. Say goodbye to logistical headaches and hello to seamless project execution.

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  1. Request a Quote

    When you share your project details with us, we pull in the right team members and begin evaluating your needs to scope a solution.

  2. Conduct a Site Visit

    Meet with our team on site or virtually to show us the details of your project, your location, and any constraints you're facing.

  3. Host Our Field Team

    After scheduling with our field team, expect things to run smoothly. We’ll send out our skilled experts to complete your project safely — on time and on budget.

  4. Never Hunt For a Logistics Partner Again

    Work with us once, and we’ll be your first call for your next big project.

See Our Solutions in Action

From food and beverage to CNC machine dealers, see how Boulter has helped businesses overcome complex challenges and improve efficiency. Learn from our customers' experiences and see how we can help your business thrive.

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